Friday, March 24, 2017

1960 Buick Invicta 2-door hardtop

Burlington Northern GP39-2

On the front of what could be a train of ballast, close to the US-Canadian border at Laurier, Washington, circa 1990.

1952 Ford Prefect hot rod


1937 Talbot Lago scale model

Unsurprisingly, the 1937 goutte d'eau (teardrop) is highly regarded by classic car afficionados and the few examples in the world are worth lots.  But there is this much more affordable diecast model to appreciate.

Webpage with more pics and info

the Muslim responsible for yesterday's terror attack in London had a string of convictions including grievious bodily harm

The Muslim hired a Hyundai Tucson from this Birmingham rental car business for his rampage.
A Muslima walks past a victim checking her phone -- no doubt a derogatory message on the Muslims' social media about 'kuffar' and praising the attack.

The British-born jihadist was a middle-aged criminal called Khalid Masood.

British police have arrested more Muslim terrorist suspects following raids in Birmingham.

Daily Mail (UK) story

Who's surprised by any of it?

Inca reed boat on Lake Titicaca, Peru

narrow gauge tin concentrate flat car, Llallagua, Bolivia, 1926

Thursday, March 23, 2017

1950 Talbot Lago Grand Sport T26


FS class 743 2-8-0, Italy

"Initially members of the 740 class, in 1942, five (numbers 339, 367, 392, 396 and 405), were rebuilt with a Franco-Crosti boiler, and fitted with a streamlined casing (more for aesthetical reasons than for any aerodynamic advantages). In 1951 these locomotives (with the casing removed) were renumbered into the FS Class 743, and 88 more were rebuilt until 1953. 

"A modified version, with a single pre-heater under the boiler (instead of two placed alongside it), was classified as FS Class 741, and 81 of them were rebuilt between 1958 and 1960."


1970s Skoda 110 L

"Oh, darling, you've bought this lot for our dream house?"
"No, I just thought we could have some fun on the grass."

tram and car in Prague, Austro-Hungarian empire, circa 1910

It can't really be called Czechoslovakia since that didn't come into existence until after WW1. In the background is the Týn church.

1956 Hillman Husky

Not an obvious candidate for some badass treatment :-)

Warsaw tram and diesel bus, 1974

No snow, but it looks cold and clammy weather.

London gets its turn for an 'allahu akbar' attack

The toll so far from this one, which happened on Westminster Bridge and then outside Parliament: five dead including a policeman and the Muslim (in the picture) plus several with 'catastrophic injuries'.

Illustrated story

1966 Ford Country Squire

Monday, March 20, 2017

Kronborg Maritime Museum poster, Helsingør, Denmark, late 1940s

AEC double deck bus in Leeds, England, early 1970s

A circa 1960 Regent V.

1972 Lincoln Continental

ship 'Kong Olav'

Of the Norwegian Coastal Express Line, built in 1964, 2,637 GRT. The ship was used on the Hurtigruten (in the pics) between 1964 and 1985 before being sold for use in South East Asia.

the 'Kareliya' cruise ferry in Soviet days, late 1970s

The Kareliya was built by the Wärtsilä Turku Shipyard, Finland, launched on 14 April 1976 and delivered in December 1976. On 1 June 1981 she was grounded while on a cruise near Arrecife, Canary Isles, and her passengers had to be evacuated. Following the grounding she sailed to Tyne, United Kingdom for repairs. In addition to repairs the chance was taken to convert her into a cruise ship. The Kareliya received a more extensive expansion of her forward superstructure than her four sister ships. In December 1982 the Kareliya was renamed Leonid Brezhnev in honour of the recently-deceased long-time General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev. In 1989 the ship reverted to her original name.
In 1995 the Kareliya was transferred to Maddock Trading and re-flagged to Liberia. In 1996 she reverted to Ukrainian flag. On 17 March 1997 she was arrested at Nouméa due to debts of her owners. In May 1998 she was sold to Kaalbye Group, renamed Olvia and moved back under the Liberian flag. On 17 September 2001 she was sold to K&O Shipping and used for service with Peace Boat. On 20 December 2004 she was renamed Neptune, on 14 April 2005 CT Neptune and on 27 May 2006 she reverted to Neptune. Subsequently she was sold to Walden Maritime and used for casino cruising out of Hong Kong.


aerocab station in the year 2000

As was envisioned about a century earlier by a French futurist.