Thursday, September 29, 2011

saving the Basin Reserve

Wellington's Basin Reserve is the country's best known cricket ground which it has been for a very long time.  And Steven Joyce, the Minister of Tar, wants to put a flyover for one of his motorways through it.

However, this week's issue of Capital Times reports that after months of ignoring it, the NZ Transport Agency is now considering the alternative design proposed by the Wellington Architectural Centre which puts a tunnel under the National War Memorial Park at a cost of up to $165 million.  The paper reports that most Wellington City Councillors support this option. website

Does the fact that the general election is in two months, and having two major city councils in opposition to his Minister of Tar is not a good look for PM John Key, have anything to do with this change of heart?  Of course, if John Key wins the election this ray of hope for aesthetics (and cricket) may be short lived.

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