Friday, September 30, 2011

rail only to the Island of Sylt

A postcard from the time of the 1927 opening
Yeah right. A popular postcard theme, but clearly fake
Steam and diesel hauled trains but with more fakery
The Hindenburgdamm i.e. Hindenburg causeway was built in 1927 to provide a railway connection from the mainland of Germany to this nearby offshore island in the North Sea (Nordsee) at the top of the country, very close to the border with Denmark.  The sea is quite tidal and at low tide the surrounding mudflats are exposed while at high tide all you see is the causeway.  You can take a car to Sylt but it has to go on a railway wagon car transporter between Niebüll on the mainland and Westerland on Sylt.  You can also cycle along the footpath if you want to.

The causeway is 11 km long, 8 metres high and 11 metres wide, enough to accommodate double track and is diesel operated.

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