Thursday, June 30, 2011

old days at Invercargill railway station


Three scenes of yesteryear at Invercargill Railway Station.  The first by Muir & Moodie from 1905 shows the yard and a passenger train arriving at the platform, headed by what looks like a Baldwin built Q class 'Pacific'.

The second by Percy Godber from about 1925 shows the platform and an array of signage; among other things for Radium polishers,Wolfe's schnapps, Fry's chocolates, Dunlop tyres and the Luggage Room where you can also get bicycle and dog tickets.

The third by Steffano Webb, also from the mid-1920s, shows the forecourt on the street where a truck is outside the Burn Linton Coal Company which was based in the station.

The station was replaced in the 1970s and until 2002 was the southernmost passenger station in the world.  For details on NZ's railways, see our books.

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