Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wellington trams, 1950s

The Trams Down Under website has a big archive of tram photos from Australia and New Zealand, and is thus a good site for those interested in historic city transport. Below are just three of the scenes of Wellington trams found while trawling through it.  Although technically deficient - much better scenes will be found in the books Wellington: a Capital Century and Wellington Transport Memories - they evoke a past era for those who grew up in the city.

Lambton Quay, the well known Kirkaldie and Stains department store across the street.  Judging from the lack of traffic, this was almost certainly taken on a weekend.
A crossing in Kent Terrace, not far from Courtenay Place
The corner of Johnston Street with Customhouse Quay. Both trams seem to have the same route number 9, rather unusual for this location.  The cars are quite typical of 1950s NZ.

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