Monday, June 26, 2017

cars in Ginza Street, Tokyo, 1957

The same intersection as in the two previous posts with a close-up of the curved building.  The cars are British and French, although the van is probably Japanese.

traffic in Ginza Street, Tokyo, 1971

Virtually the same location as in the previous post.

traffic in Ginza Street, Tokyo, 1950s

The tramlines have since gone and most of the buildings have since been replaced with much taller ones.

Essen Strassenbahn (streetcar) exhibition stamp, 1928

Not a postage stamp, but probably intended for use with them as a city promotional item.

1957 Leyland Comet bus art

Blue Bus fleet number 2 is shown at Mauriceville in the Wairarapa on its morning school run with the regular driver of the day Margaret Goodin, circa 1981. 

This is another in the TRANZIT 100 series: Crawley Ridley new to Martin Smith Motors of Masterton then sold to Blue Bus Services. The bus never carried the company's new branding of Tranzit, but ran on local school runs with no company name on its bodywork from 1985 to 1995 when it was retired and sold for preservation in Hawkes Bay. The same owner bought this Wallace oil painting.