Thursday, May 25, 2017

1972 SEAT 127

Produced by the Spanish automaker between the spring of 1972 and 1982, based on the Fiat 127. A 4-door version appeared in 1973 (circa 1977 model below).

1955 Hillman Husky

"Look - what's in those cans over there, milk?"
"Maybe he's worried about the fuel supply."
"Hehe I bet he's been nicking petrol."

first British Railways electric locomotive for the Newhaven-Dieppe boat train, May 1949

This shows the third of the three Class 70 third-rail electrics, which was numbered 20003.  Info

sailing ships in Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney, circa 1900

With what looks like a steam powered tug in the second berth further back.

1959 Renault Manoir

The Renault Manoir was a stationwagon derived from the Renault Frégate with "Transfluide" transmission which appeared in 1959 and was only built for 18 months.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Southern Railway, England, electric train poster, 1939

See earlier posts.

Les Pléiades concours de Ski poster, Switzerland, 1928

Showing the train timetable: Vevey-Blonay-Les Pléiades.

killer coffee and grenade mug

Ideal for Muslims?  Info

an exploding Muslim in Manchester, England kills 22 and injures 59; the threat level of more attacks is raised to critical

Britain has been overdue for such attacks and no-one should be surprised.
The suicide bomber responsible for the worst UK terror attack since the 7/7 atrocity 12 years ago was a British-born jihadi from a family of Libyan refugees, it emerged last night.
Salman Abedi, 22, was known to the security services before he walked into Manchester Arena on Monday night and detonated a bomb packed with nails, nuts and bolts, killing 22 people including children as young as eight.
There were claims that Abedi may have spent time in a Middle East conflict zone, where he may have received terrorist training, while it was also said he had only recently returned from a three-week trip to Libya days before the bombing.  Read more

Daily Mail (UK) reports

boats in Lake Baikal ice, Russia, 1900s